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About Fountain Voyage

Welcome to Fountain Voyage, a personal technology blog that gathers my learning and practice in computer technology, data science, and artificial intelligence. From programming skills to algorithm analysis, from data analytics to machine learning projects, from technical knowledge to personal growth stories, there is a wealth of content waiting for you to explore. Let’s learn and grow together, unlocking the endless possibilities of the tech world! The blog is named after the Chinese idiom “逐水寻源” (zhu shui xun yuan), which means “to trace a river to its source”. For more details about Chinses name, please visit the chinese version.The English name “Fountain Voyage” is inspired by the story of the Fountain of Youth, which symbolizes the pursuit of knowledge and the exploration of the unknown.

About domain name

Zest Adversity Inquiry Resilience

The domain name of the blog is zair.top, and other services under this domain can be accessed through the navigation station.

The memory method is also very simple zAir: z airline, directly competing with a certain X company.

About this blog

The blog’s logo and homepage banner are designed by Midjourney V6.

The blog is currently built with the Hugo framework and the FixIt theme.

The previous themes used are Hexo theme Next8 and Hexo theme Aurora-s, which are no longer updated.

The historical version of the blog are as follows:

Historical events

1st March 2024        The entire site content supports multiple languages

27th February 2024    Change CDN to Cloudflare

24th February 2024    Blog was renamed Fountain Voyage, and a matching Logo and Banner were designed

23rd February 2024    Blog theme was changed to Hugo FixIt

3rd February 2024    Blog was migrated to Tencent Cloud

2nd February 2024    Joined the UPYUN Alliance

2nd February 2024    zair.top was regisiterd in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China

16th January 2024    Joined the Travelling

21st October 2023    Blog was renamed from Tim's Blog to 以太工坊

7th September 2023    Changed to Hexo theme Aurora-s, and hosted the blog on Vercel

3rd September 2023    Purchased the domain name zair.top

26th February 2023    Obtained the permanent domain name saijun.eu.org, and hosted the blog on Cloudflare

18th October 2022    Following @Junyao using Hexo theme Fluid to start a blog, and hosted on Github