Big Data Visualization Course Review

Essay Questions (7*8 points)

  1. Discuss the relationship between data, graphics, and visualization.
  2. Discuss the visualization process.
  3. Discuss the characteristics of comparative graphs, distribution graphs, and process graphs.
  4. Discuss the characteristics of vector graphics and bitmap graphics.
  5. Discuss the characteristics of structured data, semi-structured data, and unstructured data.
  6. Discuss the classification of cloud services and the characteristics of Huawei Cloud DLV.
  7. Discuss the characteristics of AR VR MR.

Read Graphs Write Code

A graph with three lines, with legend, style review is limited to line type, point type (matplotlib).

Read Code Draw Graphs

matplotlib: Two subplots, one above the other. echarts: Points of examination: Implementing subplots with grid. In each subplot, overlaying bar charts with line charts. Fancy slicing of data series with dataset.source (layoutby=‘row’).

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